LauraSykora Yoga

New York City, NY
Pure Yoga West
204 West 77th St at Amsterdam Ave
Saturday, July 8

Inversions 101: Building from the Ground Up! (All Levels)
Saturday, July 8 from 9:30am - 12pm

Join Laura for this workshop geared towards getting you upside down! Laura will take you through a fun flow to warm the body up and to start building the foundations for our inversion practice.  She will then take you through the correct alignment points and exit strategies for each inversion.  Laura is extremely passionate about building connections and support among her students, so expect a lot of partner work to safely invert into different variations of Headstand, Forearmstand and Handstand. This workshop is perfect for the beginner to intermediate yogi!  Laura will share all of her tips and tricks to make you more solid and stable in any inversion.

Funky Funky, Funky! (All Levels) 
Saturday, July 8 from 1:30 - 3:30pm

This workshop is dedicated to funky arm balances! Join Laura in this 2-hour workshop to explore traditional arm balances and inversions but with a funky twist. We will explore asymmetrical arm variations in poses like Crow, Side Crow, Astavakrasana, Headstand and Forearmstand, just to name a few. Not ready for the funky variation? No worries! Laura will also go over the traditional versions as well. Only pre-requisite is to come with an open mind!